Monday, October 25, 2010

Those Waters Are Calling My Name

Our big adventure at Josey Ranch Lake Park

Yesterday Chance and I had a little Sunday afternoon adventure. The pawrents took us out to a lake where mama was intent on snapping a tall bird with a long, pointy beak. This beady-eyed fella looks like he could poke my eyes out, so I stayed far away.

My favorite spot was right on the edge of this lake. I was ready to jump in and if it weren't for this doggone leash, I would have! I even signaled that I was ready to swim by dipping my right paw right into the water. The pawrents just laughed at me!

Look at this eager face. I ask you, who could resist my pleading eyes? My pawrents, that's who. *pouts*

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Chance!

Chance is not really part of our blog, but he IS part of the pack. I (Sparky) as the leader of the pack approve this birthday message for this whiny momma's boy. He is 10 years old today, or 70 in doggie years. I guess I should refer to him as the whiny old geezer. Izzy and I are going to try to be nice to him today even if we don't feel like it. Momma is the leader (when she's home), and she says we have to be nice or else.
161/365: Chance
This photo was taken in June of this year. Notice St. Francis in the garden. Momma said he's the patron saint of animals and watches over us when she can't be here.