Monday, January 31, 2005


This weather is not good for my bones. Every chance I get, I'm either snuggling with mommy or daddy, or finding a pillow to burrow under. Going to the bathroom is a real pain in my paws too! Mommy has mentioned putting boots on me; then she reconsiders, thinking I'll probably just kick them off. I think now I might like to try them. Hurry up summer! I can't take much more. Grrr.

Mommy bought this new paste that has a minty flavor. She puts it inside my treat toys when she leaves for work. I get so worked up and excited with that wonderful smell, I don't even mind being in my crate for a few hours. It helps keep my mouth minty-fresh too.

Monday, January 24, 2005

It's the Monday Blues

I am having withdrawals after being by mommy and daddy's side all weekend. It was cold and they were so warm to be next to. Plus, they shower me with love and affection every minute of the day. Why must it end?

Sunday, I caused quite a scare when mommy opened the garage door and I slipped out to investigate the neighborhood. I've never done that before and I don't know why I decided to do it then, but mommy and daddy were frantic. They were yelling my name over and over, clapping their hands and whistling very loudly. Finally, I came out of hiding, wagging my tail, thinking they would be happy to see me. Well, they were, but fussed at me too. Mommy kissed and hugged me for the longest time. I was just being neighborly...geesh!

The human kids came over to visit last night. That was the highlight of my weekend. They love me too and when dinner was served, Michael and Greg slipped me little morsels under the table. Mommy outdid herself; it was quite a tasty dish. I'm glad they're not little kids because sometimes when the little humans come over, they don't know how to be gentle. Sometimes, the red-headed human child screams when I try to kiss or sniff her. When that happens, I curl up in my bed and stay away.

That's my most recent set of adventures. Talk to you soon. Ruff!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Another Day, Another Bone

Well, my CET chews didn't exactly earn a rave review from me. Spenser also thought they were less than desirable. Chance on the other hand, ate his, mine and Spenser's! Guess the whole package is his now.

This weekend was kinda nice as mommy didn't have to work Sat. or Sun. Dad watched football all weekend long which caused me to retreat to my soft, snuggly doggie bed; away from the occasional shouts and clapping. Mom went shopping for several hours just to be away from the noise. I wish she had taken me with her.

Friday, January 7, 2005


My dental was a complete success. Dr. McClain did have to pull a back molar out, but other than that, I am sparkly clean and ready to french kiss Mommy again. I am also getting these wonderful CET chews that will help keep my teeth clean between cleanings. Doc says all the dogs love these. I hope to put my stamp of approval on them later today.

Spenser and Chance tried to go with me this morning, but Mommy and Daddy held them back. Chance was quite upset. I don't like seeing my best bud whimpering. Now that my teeth are clean, I will be allowed to resume cleaning the inside of his ears. He loves to be groomed by me.

That's all. Have a good weekend everybody.

Thursday, January 6, 2005

New Toys

Yesterday I received 3 new toys from Mommy. My old ones were stinky and dirty. These are the softest I've had yet! Best of all, the bear and monkey have no eyes or noses for me to chew on, which could be very dangerous. I know I shouldn't chew off noses and eyes, but it's too tempting for me to resist. Now I can just squeak my new toys until my heart's content. Aahh.

Spenser and Chance tried to sniff my new toys, but GRRRRR, I let them know in no uncertain terms that they were not welcome, and I was in no mood to share. Their intentions were not noble. I must protect my new charges! Spenser would have shredded them to bits in less than a minute. I took each precious toy one-by-one to my soft, plush doggie bed and brought one to Mommy. As we sat together in her overstuffed chair, I kept a keen eye out for any intruders trying to steal the rest of my treasures. As soon as the big dogs made a move, I was on their hides! I am a fierce general and Spenser and Chance are afraid of me.

Tomorrow is the big day for my dental. Mommy is still worried. Will update more tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

My First Dental and Other Stuff

I am getting my first dental on Friday, Jan. 7, 2005. My mom is really worried about me and my silly heart murmur. The vet and all the nurses have reassured her, but she's still a nervous nelly. I will update later when I wake up from getting my teeth cleaned. Then she'll see how all that worry was for nothing.

Christmas was great. I met my new sister Callie and we played a lot. I didn't like her at first as I was afraid she was getting too much attention; however, I soon warmed up to her as most people do and we ended up being best friends. She's a beautiful Pom mix. My mom loves her too. I think my two big brothers just tolerate her. They acted like they were too old to play. Bunch of fuddy-duddies!

Sunday, January 2, 2005

I Was a Bad Boy

Yesterday I got carried away with my stuffed bear. For some reason, I split open his backside with my claws. I was behind the chair, thinking my antics were discreet, when mommy said in her concerned voice, "Sparky, what are you doing?" Then she looked down and saw blue fur all over the carpet. Mommy put the bear on the kitchen counter for daddy to see when he got home from work. Boy, was he surprised it was me who did it. He took one look and thought Spenser did it. Since mommy caught me in the act, there was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Next thing I knew, mommy tossed it into the trash can. :( A dog can't get away with anything around here. There's no fun in this house, but I still love mommy and daddy.