Thursday, April 28, 2005

I Was Tortured

Mom announced the other night that we were going to take "pictures" for the Mother's Day Stroll on Dogster. Out came the camera contraption, a clicking sound, and then a bright light which blinded me for several seconds. Just as I was recovering, Dad clicked again. That camera-thingy is nothing but a torture device. They might as well declare war on us. Spenser and Chance agreed with me for once.

Chance acted like he had rigor mortis when mom tried to make him sit next to her. You can see poor Chance panting in the picture. Spenser twirled around like a tornado for several minutes and totally disobeyed the "sit" command. Mom was getting really flustered. Finally, he plopped on the floor, worn out and dizzy. Mom threw herself over him, put him in a head-lock, and yelled, "Hurry Daddy, take it now!"

Our sister Callie on the other hand, is like a supermodel. She has her sexy pose with the sock in her mouth, her wind-blown look, the Farrah smile, etc. I'm sure her cuteness lets her get away with anything. And she's not afraid of the blinding, torture device either.

I'm so glad the photo session is over. Hopefully, we won't be forced to endure that exercise again until Christmas!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Thanks, Dogster!

My diary was the Featured Diary of the Day on Saturday. Thank you Dogster. My mom and I were so excited. More new friends and e-mail messages. Can't have enough of those, right? I love to receive nice, happy thoughts from people all over the world. I'm a tough guy on the outside, but inside, I'm all sweet and gushy (according to my peoples).

There's been a new development when mom comes home from work late at night. Spenser and I bark and growl over who gets to be closest to mom on the bed. We argue for about five minutes and finally settle in. Mom is the true alpha of our pack, so we eventually give it up when she fusses at us. This happens every single night. I'm not about to give up the choice spot, under the covers, next to her knees. Spenser takes up half the bed, the big goon. He has another thing coming if he thinks I'm going to let him take over.

Chance has some weird phobia about being on furniture. Mom says he's always been that way. Even if she coaxes, he may jump on the bed for a few seconds on rare occasions, then gets a scared look in his eyes and jumps down. More room for me is how I look at it. His phobia is my gain. Now, if I could only get Spenser to mind me! There's no way I'm going to let that big oaf edge me off the bed. The way I see it, I'm second in command and he has to obey my wishes. I'm going to get him trained if it's the last thing I do! Grrrr.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Rabbits Have Returned

Rabbits are back on our turf again! Man, I am chompin' at the bit every five minutes to be let outside. Mom and Dad won't allow us to torture the furry little creatures, the big meanies. Seems like the rabbits should be able to figure out that our yard is not the safest place in the neighborhood to hang out. There are mounds of proof all over the place. If Spenser gets ahold of one, there's going to be hell to pay!

Everyone that's seen my "ear" picture thinks I look tough. Perhaps all the other canines will steer clear now and I can rule the world. I thought I already did, but my gruff exterior may make it a bit easier. People say I'm small, but I see something completely different when I look in the mirror. Why, I'm as big as a Great Dane in my eyes.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Alert Level Raised

The terror alert level in our house has been raised to Red, effective immediately. Callie will be here in less than 2 weeks instead of 6 weeks as previously planned. I have been duly warned and I'm already thinking of ways to keep my ears protected when she's around. Guess they're just going to be an easy target from here on out. I wish Callie would follow my barking orders as Spenser and Chance do. Confounding!

My mom is all excited that Callie is coming home for good. I think it's because she comes attached with someone she calls her "precious daughter Autumn", whom I also have affection for. I'm sure I will learn to adapt to the changes. If it makes Mom happy, then I'm happy. Besides, I don't think Callie meant to tear a chunk of my ear off. She seemed repentant afterwards and she is a lot of fun other than that one episode. Especially when we chase each other around the house.

Friday, April 8, 2005

I Have a New Toy...Oh Joy

Looks like mommy's 2nd job isn't so bad after all. She went to a meeting last night and brought back the coolest toy just for me. She won it in a contest. Best of all, it's a CAT and I get to bite and chew until my heart's content! The insides are crunchy, like paper, which I love to destroy whenever I have the chance. She explained that she had a choice of dog chews, a coffee cup or a nail trimmer (ewwww!), but she thought of me first. What a great mom! I spent all last night and all morning guarding it with all my might. If I have to lose part of my other ear in order to protect my new be it. It's a big job being a little toot!