Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sparky!!

[6/52] Sparky love!
We had another ice day, so mama and I posed for a birthday picture. Now we're off to PetSmart to buy me some treats and a new toy! Yay me!!!

UPDATE: Seems I was only interested in the treats, so no toy for me. But that's okay because I got an abundance of cookies and other nummy treats!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Greetings from the frozen tundra! Monday night we were snug as bugs in a rug thinking life couldn't get any better. The next morning we woke to arctic air and ice on the ground. As the day went on it got bitterly cold—more cold than the hour before. Finally it was 12ºF, which is pretty darn cold, according to our mama.

Doing my "duties" outside is undignified enough, but forcing me to parade around in a gaudy pink jacket is just unacceptable. I did one lap around the yard thinking I was supposed to model this gauche outfit, then went straight to the door and planted my bottom down, refusing to budge. The cold wind whipping around my bottom was a most unpleasant feeling. The parts of me that were most affected by this icy blast were completely unprotected. What were my humans thinking?! This was one instance that I wished I'd had Chance's fluffy tail. Although I am proud of my petite appendage it was completely useless to me in this situation.

More embarrassing moments:

Tomorrow will be the third day that mama is home from work. That part I like, but I can sense that she is getting cabin fever. I hope we thaw out soon because I'm afraid of what she's going to dress me in next. I only have one question: why aren't my brothers subjected to this form of torture?