Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Greetings

Hello my canine amigos! I hope you all had a great Christmas season and were pawsomely blessed with lots of toys and treats. We didn't get anything....yet. My mom is going to personally take us to the pet store to pick out the gift of our dreams. Will keep you posted.
We had a ton of fun with our human family. By the end of the day, I was wiped out. That was really better than a new toy.

Christmas Laps

There were lots of laps to snuggle into and tons of food being consumed by the humans. Unfortunately, I barely got a crumb. But the laps and attention I received were pawsome! I hope all my furry friends had a great holiday.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Carbon Footprint?

Sparky dictated a blog post today about some claims that our Carbon Pawprint causes a danger to the earth. This is very upsetting news and mom is fighting mad. I don't really understand it all, but apparently, it takes a lot of farmland to raise the chickens and cows which end up in our dog food. Then we eliminate it later and supposedly cause another problem.

Well, excuse me for living.

Mom says not to worry. If the environmental whack jobs come for us they will be in for a big surprise. Not only will the humans risk life and limb for us, Sparky has pledged to protect us with his big, stinky teeth, so I feel pretty safe about the whole thing.

Besides, I'm a little bitty toot barely weighing in at 6 lbs, so I don't see how it's possible that I can do more damage than a SUV. Puh-lease!

My Carbon Pawprint

Okay, I think these environMENTALists have crossed the line. They are now saying that me and my canine amigos have a larger carbon footprint than a SUV. Are they kidding? I don't even have feet, I have paws, thank you very much. Besides, I don't even drive! How much damage can I really cause?

My mom is incensed about this whole matter. Besides the glaringly obvious error of using the term footprint, these "New Zealand researchers" claim that because I eat meat that goes into my dog food, that I should feel guilty for living because it takes too much farmland to feed me.

In my household we all try to be responsible about waste, but this is taking an issue way too far and then some. This must be that slippery slope mom always talks about. Before you know it we'll have to bottle our personal emissions (if you get my drift) in a jar and pay a tax on it. Sound ridiculous? At this point, nothing the government tries to tax would surprise us.

Look at this quote: "Any claims on the Earth's resources, whether it's having pets or having children, we need to think about. It doesn't necessarily mean getting rid of your pet now,” Lester Brown, president of the Earth Policy Institute, tells

What does he mean, NOW?! I hope Mr. Brown comes to our house because I will feel no remorse as I'm biting his ankles. If I could jump higher, I'd gladly bite something else. And those researchers...I'd really like to pass along my sentiments to them also. Hmph.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just the Dip, Please

This is a public service announcement: I do not accept chips or crackers unless they have been dipped in sauce or cream cheese dip. I'm not picky on the dip — just dip it in something. Plain crackers are not palatable. You see, my taste buds have become more developed over the years thanks to all the human food sampling I've been *forced* to partake in. (tee hee)

You may now resume your regularly scheduled programming. Thank you.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


This time of year does not agree with me. Still recovering from a ruptured disc, I developed tonsillitis last weekend. Not only did that mean another trip to see Dr. Fred in his house of horrors, I now have 2 foul-tasting medications added to my daily routine. I can't seem to catch a break.

Me and December started this nonsense last year when I was diagnosed with gastroenteritis. Shortly after that, I developed dermatitis. My problems seem to come in twos and end in "itis". These events usually occur in December and January, so hopefully I am done for a while.

Getting back to tonsillitis, did you know that too much plaque on your teeth can cause it? My mom and dad didn't even know dogs have tonsils, and my mom worked at a vet clinic for 6 years. Anyway, Dr. Fred scraped my teeth which caused me to become all un-ladylike, screeching like an undignified creature, not caring who heard me. He then suggested that I return in February (something about Pet Dental Health Month) to have a deep cleaning done. I hope the humans know that I am not interested in that, thank you very much. If they force me to go I will cause such a dramatic outburst, they'll wish we had all stayed home where we belong.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


My delicate chihuahua bones are frozen, and I'm not exaggerating. Just when my back was starting to feel better - kabam! - freezing cold air entered our atmosphere, chilling me to the bone. Because of this the humans try to dress me in ghastly clothing, even though I have voiced my displeasure on numerous occasions. My prefererence is to bury myself deep in the bedding and not come out until spring. Why won't this work? Bears do it.


Cold, cold go away. Come again some other day! My chihuahua bones can't handle this. And the humans expect me to do my "business" outside. Hmph! Let's see how they fare when they have to walk outside in bare feet and stick their hineys out in this weather! I would LOVE to see that! Just once.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Yesterday, I was forced to see Dr. Fred, my nemesis. You see, sometime during the weekend I hurt myself and had trouble walking. Mama was frantic. Daddy was trying to force himself to believe it was nothing serious.

After talking to her vet tech friend, she and my mom determined that since I was still eating and drinking and there was no vomiting or diarrhea, it could probably wait until Monday.

My visit to Dr. Fred was like all the previous visits. Lots of prodding, poking, trimming, and teeth scaling. Oh, and the dreaded SHOT! My hiney hurt. Owie! Mom and dad were told that I have a Prolapsed Disc. I am on strict bed rest and not allowed to jump, run, or play. I must be carried out to the yard to do my business and carried back in.

I really feel like a princess now. As it should be. :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sparky sure has been on the warpath lately. The littlest thing sets him off.

Tonight, Chance had the audacity to jump on the couch to be next to mom. This caused Sparky to morph into patroldog extraordinaire. It was funny watching him pace up and down along the edge of the couch, growling. All he needed was a uniform and a holster. Oh, and a badge.

Chance is a lovely, docile boy. It pains me to see him mistreated by the Sparkman. I don't understand why Sparky dislikes him so. Perhaps he's jealous. I mean look at Chance's lovely fur and doe-like face. Best of all, he doesn't smell bad like some dogs I know. :/


I'm a little perturbed at mama. While I was parked in front of the kitchen stove waiting for more scraps, Chance got the bright idea to jump on the couch to be next to mama. This NEVER happens. Never. No telling how long he was there, selfishly gobbling up all her attention.

As soon as I got wind of what was going on, I raced back to the living room and tried to bully him off. Well, mama was having none of that. She fussed at me and pushed me away! I couldn't believe the obvious act of treason happening right before my very eyes.

Finally, Chance jumped down and I snuggled back into mama's lap thinking all was well in my world again. But he still acted like he wanted back on the couch. This caused me to go into patrol mode, walking up and down along the edge, growling. He was clearly testing my authority. Mama told me that if I was going to misbehave like that I should go elsewhere. Misbehave? Um, it's called protecting your territory. She doesn't understand anything.

Then she said, "I'm the boss, Sparky; not you."

Hmph! When the heck did that happen?

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Sorry it has been so long since I've been able to blog. Like Sparky, I depend on my mama to help me write. Sometimes I wish I had hands instead of paws, but that might look weird.

Sparky has been out of sorts with mama gone so much. He has been playing "musical beds" to distract himself. By that, I mean he sleeps in different beds all throughout the day. For me, I only sleep in the bed in my crate or the one on daddy's office floor. If there is a lap, I'd rather be in that.

But Sparky has been without his favored human's lap since she has been gone so much. Boy, when she came home he growled at Chance and me so that he could slobber mama with licks and kisses. I laughed when she reprimanded him. Actually, he just gave me a dirty look; with Chance he went for the jugular. Chance looked at him like, 'home-boy, chill out'.

In other news, my daddy has started working from home. Do you realize what this means?! I have a lap at my disposal 24/7. I am so pleased with this new arrangement. I wish all dogs had the same opportunity.


My most devoted human has been taking care of her mother who lives out of town. This has caused a delay in blogging. I wish I could blog myself, but I don't have opposable thumbs which are apparently much-needed digits if you are going to have a blog. I'm good at dictating, so I kind of need a human with those special thumbs to help me get the word out.

Let's see, I have been missing my mama a LOT! Daddy is great, however, he is pretty enamored with Izzy, and I have little chance of usurping her position. All I have is Chance to boss around, and my choice of several beds around the house. Lately, I have become quite fond of Izzy's bed inside of her crate. It's my little get away spot when everyone is annoying me.

When my mama finally returned I was overcome with joy. I growled at the other dogs for horning in on the special greeting I had prepared for her. She fussed at me, too. Not at all the kind of appreciation I expected. But I got over it quickly as we all settled in with our comfy blankies to watch TV. Ah, life is good again.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Still Not Sure

I am a little frightened of this pink contraption my humans call a "doggie stroller". It seems unsafe as it jostles me around in the most vigorous manner. When Sparky is plunked down beside me like a rump roast with his putrid mouth odor, it truly becomes unbearable. Please, I'm begging, do not force me into this rattletrap again! Gracias!


I love autumn because that's when my mom breaks out her thick, cushy, soft purple robe. She wears it around the house all evening, then when it's time for bed, she removes it and folds it nice and thick right beside her pillow. It's all warm from her body heat and my chihuahua bones are very thankful. Life just doesn't get any better than this.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Play Time!

It took a lot of nagging to get Sparky to play with me, but it was worth it. We were in mom's office and Sparky was trying to get another nap in. In my opinion, he had slept enough. I growled and barked until he came down from the chair. Although he complains a lot about me on his blog, in reality he adores me, and will do pretty much whatever I ask of him. Once I got him on the floor, we went under mom's desk. She had to put her chair in reverse to accommodate us. Sparky ended up having a really good time! You're a good sport, Sparky!! *doggie kisses*

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Pink Rattletrap

It seems my lovely humans have thought of yet another way to torment me and my chi brother, Sparky. We are now the proud owners of a doggie stroller. No, that was not a typo.

When I first saw the pink contraption I was delighted. Usually, pink things are fun toys just for me; however, I became apprehensive when they placed my favorite blankie inside of it and began using the word "outside". At that point, I instinctively knew that I was in for an evening of terror.

Here is daddy securing me into the rickety apparatus a few days ago. They know that I'm extremely uncomfortable being outside exposed to the elements -- I tend to freckle, you know. But mom assured me that I would be protected with the stroller hood. They raved about how fun this would be for me. I became overwhelmed with all the strange scents swirling around me and strange noises. I wasn't so sure.
Halfway through the walk, Sparky was unceremoniously placed next to me and we were zipped up like prisoners, peering through the black mesh. Sparky clawed at the screen and raised a little fuss, but mom said it was for his own good. Apparently, a mile is much too long for a robust, senior Chihuahua like Sparky. I lost a good 3/4 of my interior space because of him. Before that, I was actually starting to enjoy the scenery. Now I had to deal with his boorish behavior and malodorous breath. He was panting like crazy, so it was kind of hard to avoid.
Tonight, as the humans began gathering leashes, I immediately sensed danger and hid under the bed, refusing to come out. After several attempts to coax me from my safe place, they left, taking the pink gizmo with them. I chuckled, thinking of Sparky enduring another trip in that flimsy rattletrap. I rule! Bwaaahhhhaaahhhhaaa!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Walk of Shame

Sorry I've been MIA. Mom and dad went to Mexico and when they got back, mom began having something called "migraines". She's finally ready to help me blog and boy do I have something to report!

After talking with her vet friends, my mom took their reckless advice and brought home a doggie stroller for our walks. Apparently, one mile is way too long for a Chihuahua to waddle walk, much less a "senior" one. Hmph! The nerve.

Having no idea at first that this thing was for me, I started out walking with Chance like we normally do, thinking it was only Izzy who would endure the disgrace of being wheeled around the neighborhood. Next thing I knew, the humans stopped, took off my leash, and forced me into the degrading thing on wheels, zipping it up so I couldn't escape. I now had to view the world through black mesh, bumping along the sidewalk like an idiot, unable to mark my territory. You know how important that is to me, doggonit! I wanted to yell out "DOGNAPPED!" but instead of yelling I clawed at the screen, because you know, I can't form words. :/

I don't understand how Izzy has absolutely no pride. She actually seemed to enjoy being carted around in that pink contraption without caring a whit about how this looks to our social circle. And don't even get me started on the bright pink. Ick. Poo. Yuck. Can you say girly girl?
Here is daddy getting Izzy secured inside the humiliation vehicle. You can't really see me because I'm trying to get as far away from them as possible so that I won't be laughed at.
I think the look on my face tells you exactly how I felt.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Thank You!

Thanks to Lilibell of Chi's and the City for this pawsome award. It says: your blog is like a pearl, rare, delicate and charming.
I'm so grateful. Many thanks also to Purple Hatter for creating this lovely award. High paws all around!

Thank You!

Thanks to Lilibell of Chi's and the City for this pawsome award. It says: your blog is like a pearl, rare, delicate and charming.
I'm so grateful. Many thanks also to Purple Hatter for creating this lovely award. High paws all around!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tennis Balls

I wish I could catch one of these in my mouth like Chance does. For now, I'll have to settle for chewing.


No, embarrassing doesn't begin to describe this photo. Extreme humiliation is more like it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Less Words Wednesday

What happened to my butt?

Less Words Wednesday

Puppy paradise.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Look what I found sitting on our windowsill. Mom shooed me away because she wanted to take pictures. Then she decided that the window needed cleaning and the bird flew away. My mom wants you to excuse the dirty window, by the way. My nose is way too petite to create that kind of mess. (Psst, it's Chance and his big schnoz. He lives by the window).

Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm A Gem!

Thank you so much to Bentley, Lexus and their mom for giving me this beautiful award. I am a little verklempt.

I'm A Gem

Thanks to Tiffany and her sweet pack, Bentley & Lexus, for bestowing this wonderful award on me. You guys rock.

What Did You Call Me?

I have so many aliases, I can hardly keep up. Apparently, my humans think it is okay to call me everything but the name that I was given.
Here are some of my nicknames:

Spark Plug
Sparky Plug
Sparkles *ewwww* *gag*

The last one is wrong. Just WRONG!

My Monikers

Our new friends, Bentley & Lexus came up with a great idea for a blog post: listing all the different names our humans call us. We thought we were the only ones saddled with additional monikers, but apparently, it is a pretty common practice among humans. Here we go....

A little history first. My foster mom gave me the name Esmeralda, which she shortened to Ezzy. To start my life in my new forever home, my new mom wanted to change my name without straying too far from what I was used to. That is how she settled on Izabella because it was close in pronunciation to Esmeralda. The spelling came from the Jimi Hendrix song of the same name. My mom is a music nut, but I digress. *sigh* She really liked the idea of a second name; however, I notice that when she calls me by both names she's usually fussing at me about something.

Here are some other names I am known by:

Miss Izzy
Izzy Grace
Miss Priss
Punkin Head
Sweet Baby Girl
Izzy Girl

Make of them what you will, but I answer to all of them even though I'm not too fond of "Punkin Head". I mean, really, sheesh. There is nothing glamorous or sophisticated about that name.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Importance of Laps

It appears that I've got it made in this photo, right? Nice chair, cushy seat, what could be better? Well, I'd much prefer to be on a lap. If I'm not sitting on a human's lap I feel lost, insecure even.

Let me tell you what I know about laps and why I highly recommend them:
1) All laps are warm
2) Some laps are fuzzy
3) I've heard that some laps are bony, so if you have the choice between a plump human and a skinny human, choose the plump one
4) Laps make me feel safe and I never want to live without one
5) Mom's are usually softer than dad's

My wish is for every dog to have a nice, warm lap to snuggle into, like me!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Charmed Life

I lead a very charmed life. My humans are what some might call "overprotective". After three years, they have finally started to include me on the family walks with my two brothers, but because I am so petite, they fear that some of the beastly neighborhood dogs could potentially have me for an evening snack.

Being harnessed to Daddy is normally something I would love, but I still don't quite understand this contraption. What if I fall out? Therefore, it still makes me a little nervous.

Sparky says he is embarrassed by Daddy carting me around like I'm royalty. Well, as far as I'm concerned he can just get over himself. He embarrasses ME by urinating on weeds, grass, and mailboxes. What crass behavior. Afterwards, he comes home exhausted. Look at him.

Oh well, at least Chance behaves like a gentleman. He's my favorite. But sshhhh, don't tell anyone.

The Walk

Last night we all went on a walk! Well, I say ALL of us walked, but in actuality, Izzy was carried by Daddy like she's the Queen of Sheba. I mean look at her in that contraption! It was soooo embarrassing.

I managed to ignore the situation by performing the very difficult task of marking my territory about every 10 feet. I have my reputation to protect, you know. Mom kept pulling me forward saying we didn't have time for that nonsense. My macho image was at stake! Darn her.

No matter what this picture looks like, I am the Alpha Dog. hmmmph!