Friday, November 3, 2006

Obedience Training?

I am now a student at Four Paws Training. This involves a very loud clicking noise followed quickly by a treat. I'm not too sure what I am supposed to be doing, but they keep saying I will figure it out in time. Also, I'm perplexed why I need to be trained since all I do is play with my humans or sleep on their laps.

Mom and I are supposed to practice clicking and treating during the week. Specifically during commercials. My trainer gave mom a softer sounding click since the other one startled me so badly. It was really loud!

My boisterous housemates think that every time mom clicks, they should receive a treat too. Pardon me, but I think they're supposed to do something to earn it first. Humph! I am working my buns off trying to figure out what to do to get the treat and they need to do the same. Fair is fair.

My coat is not coming in very thick for the winter so I am forced to wear clothing. Unfortunately, there is nothing that really fits me properly. The tee shirt I was forced to wear for my first day of class was hanging off of me and didn't do anything to warm me up. It was soooo embarrassing! Mom needs to learn how to sew or look harder for xx-small.