Friday, September 30, 2005

Something's Missing

Earlier this week mom took Leo for a ride in the car. My pride was severely wounded when she took him instead of me for the coveted car ride.

When he returned the next day we sniffed him out and realized that he had come back with some - ahem - "parts" missing. The funny thing is, he didn't seem to mind too much. He is now an official member of our pack as we all have an equal number of body parts now. Leo plays rough and tough as though nothing happened at all. Well, he didn't really have a need for them anyway, so it's all good.

Signing off for the weekend.... Hugs, sniffs & licks to all my good buddies.

The Sparkman

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Big Finale

Tonight is the finale for Rock Star: INXS. Finally! Maybe mom can return to normal after tonight.

The kids have been invited over for the (cough) *event*. A delicious round steak and gravy dinner is planned - Louisiana style. She hasn't cooked since Labor Day, so I am really looking forward to all the plates I am going to get to lick. It kinda makes me nervous though, 'cause if everyone puts their plate on the floor at the same time, then I will have a dickens of a time controlling everything. I may just have a panic attack.

This evening will probably bring out the worst in me as mom thinks we should all get to lick the plates. How can she treat her baby like this? My tongue is so small, it takes eons to clean one dish. Spenser's tongue is huge. A few swipes and the gravy will be gone, leaving me no chance at all. Plus, we have an extra brat (Leo) who will be horning in on my good time. So not fair.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Leo Is Just Alright With Me

Okay - I relent. Leo can have his fun. The "body slam" is kinda fun because he tries to move me and I am immovable. He just bounces off of me, proving that I am way bigger and tougher. Ha!

We've been playing a lot since last night, which makes mom and dad happy. As long as they still realize that I am Alpha Dog, which they do, then all is well. Plus, Leo is still being crated a lot due to his inability to "hold it" in the house. When he is crated I have more opportunities to show him who's boss.

In other news, I've been told that when the weather cools, we will all be taking walks in the evening as a family. Spenser too! Although Spenser will have to be fitted with a special leash which keeps him from pulling. He's such a "special needs" goober. They say we are ALL, including mom and dad, getting soft in the middle. What's wrong with softness? I love burrowing into momma's soft middle. Maybe this phase of theirs won't last long. Here in Texas there are still a lot of hot days left, so perhaps it will soon be forgotten.

Cheers all and have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2005


Mom has noticed a big change in my personality the last few days. As much as possible, I stay on her lap, in my bed or under the sofa. And I make sure I have the saddest looking face possible. The situation with Leo is becoming intolerable. I'm not even mad at him anymore, just hurt that he thinks he can march in here and boss me around with that big bearded *stinky* face.

IF momma IS babying me, it's only because she tries to make me feel better about Leo's bullying tactics. He has turned into quite a rapscallion. Oh, he acted so pitiful at first. I knew it was an act! In addition, his incessant barking has nearly ruptured all of our ear drums. You see, I sensed this type of behavior from the beginning; that's why I was snarling at him when he first got here. He needed to be set straight on who is truly in charge, but momma popped me on the hiney every time I tried. Now she's feeling sorry for me, but that's good because I don't get pops on the butt or scolded for taking up for myself any longer.

In other news, my dad's human brother is still here trying to get his life in order after the horrible storm which the humans named "Katrina". It should have been called something else...a mean Hitler...or something. I don't know, I always thought Katrina was a pretty name. Something destructive like that shouldn't have a pretty name. Anyway, Wayne is looking for jobs around here at the area hospitals and may be with us for a while. That's okay, because Wayne is nice to us, plus, we have someone home most of the day.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005


My sources have revealed to me that my new *brother* Leo has been issuing complaints about our digs on a public forum of all places! Not only that, he has called me infantile and criticized mom for babying me. I take complete offense to those remarks. I am NOT a baby and mom does NOT coo at me. Those are completely false rumors with nothing to substantiate them. I categorically deny these accusations! And here I was being nice to Leo the last 2 days.

Well, I've got some dirt on him too. He shivers like a wimp during the night and won't get under the covers to warm himself. Not too bright in my opinion. In addition, he has been walking around since yesterday with an unidentifiable object stuck in his butt hair. So, if he wants to get nasty, let's get it on!

Other than my pesky new brother, life is pretty wonderful. Mom and dad are really sweet to me - and not in a cooing, baby sort of way. They make my life so pleasant with an abundance of food, treats, and love. Why, I bet Queen Elizabeth's corgis aren't treated as special as me. Yes, I am better off than royalty in my estimation.

Monday, September 5, 2005

Body Slamming

Leo has entered a new phase of development starting this morning. There are more facets to his personality than anyone dreamed.

While we were all outside doing our morning eliminations, Leo decided to body slam me, over and over. Mom laughed and said it reminded her of a dance called "the bump". He acted like he was just going to rub his body alongside me, then bam! His hip lurched sideways and he slammed me against the patio wall. I wish mom hadn't laughed. Now he thinks it's a big game. My only option was to run under the lawn table for refuge. Mom felt sorry for me and picked me up.

Mom walked into the house last night and smelled a lot of urine. Boy was she hot! Leo was hastily put in his crate 'cause she knows the rest of us are completely respectful of our abode. I pranced all around right in front of him just to rub it in. He cried and cried, but mom refused to let him out. The ony time he came out was to go outside for a potty break. She found pee on all the rugs in the kitchen and bath and also in the upstairs hall. She was MAD. Ha-ha. Revenge is so sweet. The little rascal is finally getting what he deserves.

Friday, September 2, 2005

Signing Off For The Weekend...

I am s-l-o-w-l-y beginning to accept Leo. He's gone from a lifeless lump to a bundle of energy, quick! Sometimes he barks right in my face though. Mom really needs to teach him some manners, or I'll do it for her and she won't like my teaching methods. Grrrr. Right now I handle the face barking by running under mom's legs or the nearest piece of furniture. I realize he is just a pup, so I don't want to have to ruff him up!

Thanks Again Dogster

My diary is "pick of the day" again. Wow. I'm completely humbled and honored. I would like to thank my loving, supportive family and doggie pals, but especially Dogster for making this all possible. My mom and I LOVE Dogster and we love you! More later....

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Psychotherapy Anyone?

Another new member added to the household! When will it ever end? Although, this time, I'm trying to be gracious and understanding. It appears that my daddy's human brother, Wayne, arrived from Bay St. Louis, MS today to escape the conditions from hurricane Katrina. He is a critial care nurse at Hancock Hospital.

Wayne worked for 3 days straight with little food, no working toilets and water up to his waist. I must say I don't understand the need for working toilets, but the humans place a big priority on that. Anyway, I'm told he's here for at least 4 weeks. Four dogs and three humans in one small house is going to be a tad stressful. Warning: he is NOT getting any of my food. Hey, if I play my paws right, he may actually share his food with me. Oh, I like the sound of that.

I was very saddened to hear of all the pet loss across the coast. My little heart was full of grief, knowing how dependant on humans we all are. My mom got really teared up watching the news accounts. We should all join paws, hands and hearts across the country to help those devastated by Katrina. Click here for the Humane Society's Secure Donation Site. Thanks pals!